What to Do In Case of an Accident

Odds are you or someone you know will be involved in an accident this year. Here are some helpful hints to follow in the event you are involved in an accident.

  • Stay calm!
  • Turn off your vehicle's engine and wait for assistance. If you feel threatened in the intersection, pull the vehicle to the side of the road or a well-lit parking lot.
  • Are you injured? Check yourself and seek assistance immediately if necessary.
  • Is it nighttime? Is the area well lit? Is it safe for you to get out of your vehicle?
  • Call the police or your emergency number.
  • Be courteous and tactful to all parties. Make sure your thoughts are clear before you make any statements to the police or insurance personnel.
  • Don't accept fault, even if you believe it may be your fault.
  • Exchange names, addresses, license numbers and insurance information with all parties involved in the accident. Gather witness information as well.

Contact Metro Collision Center as soon as reasonably possible. We can assist in the processing of your claim whether it is through your insurance or the other party's. Our claims specialist will get you in a rental car and back on the road in no time!

How to Choose a Collision Repair Facility

Here are some things to remember when looking for a collision repair facility.

  • The best time to look for a collision repair facility is before you need one. If you have found a shop and checked them out before you need them, the stress level is greatly reduced.
  • It is your right as a consumer to have your vehicle repaired by the shop of your choice.
  • If an insurance company is involved, the name of the shop will be requested by the appraiser. Therefore it is advisable to select your shop before contacting the insurance company.
  • If an insurance company is involved you don't need to run around collecting multiple estimates. The estimate written by the insurance appraiser is good at any shop you choose and the shop will contact the appraiser with any additional hidden damages and/or charges.
  • Labor rates and parts discounts are consistent within a given market so every shop should charge roughly the same amount for the same repair. Make sure the shop you chose will give you the most bang-for-the-buck.
  • If two estimates vary greatly, then one of the estimates may be inflated or one of the estimates may be missing some of the damage. Don't try to compare apples to oranges. Make sure both estimates cover exactly the same repair.
  • Is the shop clean and organized.
  • Has the shop been selected by your insurance company as a Direct Repair Facility? This may or may not be an asset depending on the insurance company and the details of the program. If everything else about the shop makes you comfortable then this can be a big plus for expediting your repair with the least amount of hassle.
  • Does the shop schedule minor repairs to ensure that parts can be obtained before you drop it off for repair or do they just keep taking on work and letting all the cars sit around waiting for parts with nothing being done?
  • What's your gut reaction? Do you feel uncomfortable after visiting the shop and talking with the personnel there? If you're not comfortable it might be best to move on.
  • Metro collision will honor your insurance estimates and work with them if there are any additional repairs needed.
  • Bang for the buck.  Metro Collision guarantees to give you the best repair.
The Repair Process

At Metro we follow ASE and I-Car Standards. We have ongoing training to keep us up to date with the latest repair trends. Metro will also take care of all your insurance needs and paper work.

At Metro we strive to make restoring your car to pre accident condition as convenient and painless as possible.

We will take care of all your insurance paper work and billing so you don’t have to.  This eliminates phone calls and hassles in dealing with your insurance company.

Metro Collision Center is a direct repair facility with most insurance companies.  This means we can start the repair process for you within 24 hours.

Our direct repair facility is trusted by insurance companies.  No need for time consuming estimates.  Metro has a proven track record of high quality repairs. 

Backed with a lifetime warranty on all collision repairs this makes Metro stand above the others as the number one repair facility.

This is what Metro does for you; the total repair process

  • Confirm loss report to Insurance Company
  • Obtain claim number
  • Customer's needs assessed
  • Write estimate
  • Coverage confirmed
  • Payment policy reviewed
  • Project completion date
  • Repair order signed
  • Review estimate with Insurance Company (if applicable) for approval
  • Parts ordered
  • Parts received
  • Vehicle is disassembled and re-inspected
  • Supplement written (if necessary)
  • Revised completion date
  • Customer informed
  • Vehicle inspected prior to painting
  • Vehicle primed, sanded, sealed, and masked
  • Vehicle painted
  • Vehicle is assembled
  • Vehicle cleaned
  • Final Inspection
  • Repairs completed
  • Customer notified

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