Paintless Dent Repair is more than a process. It is an art form.

Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) is really an art form of metal shaping and shrinking. Metro Collision Center has some of today’s finest craftsmen in the technique of metal shaping. PDR removes many types of minor dent damage from hail, rocks or door dings. This is done without the use of conventional auto body methods like sanding, body filler or painting.

Why should you choose Paintless Dent Removal over conventional methods when applicable?

  • Most repairs can be completed within an hour (Conventional repairs are usually a minimum of three days)
  • It's much cheaper! Generally this form of repair is half as much as conventional repair
  • It saves your vehicle's original factory finish, because this form of repair does not involve any sanding, filler or painting

Not all dents can be removed through Paintless Dent Removal, but it sure would be nice if yours could. Visit Metro Collision Center  to obtain an estimate of the repair and its degree of successful removal.
*Mobile service is offered at participating locations.
Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is a great way to remove small dents from your vehicle without having any paint work done. Those annoying door dings caused by other car doors, shopping carts and other objects that hit the sides of you car can be fixed. Hail damage, falling acorns, errant baseballs and other falling objects from the sky that dent your car can also be fixed.
There are several myths about the PDR process. Some of these Myths include using heat or dry ice to "pop" the dent out or using suction cups to pull the dent out. The PDR process is done by using many different tools to work the dent back out. **Dents are removed and generally you cannot notice where the original dent was. This process requires a lot of training, practice, patience and skill, as well as a keen eye. There are certain parameters that govern the effectiveness of this process. The best results come from dents generally not larger than 2-3 inches across and no creases or sharp indentations. The dent can not be on a body line and the paint cannot already be cracked. Please feel free to come by our shop or call and speak to one of our tech's if you have any questions.

Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) is a process that reforms metal back to its original condition without affecting the paint finish. The myth about dry ice and plungers removing dents and dings from cars just isn’t true.
Working from behind the panel, Metro Collisions technicians use specially designed tools to massage the metal back to its original shape.

What is Paintless Dent Removal?
Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) is the process of removing dents, dings, creases, and hail damage from vehicles without affecting the original paint finish. PDR is much quicker and less expensive than traditional repair methods.
What makes Metro Collision Center different from other PDR companies?
All PDR repairs performed by Metro Collision are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Will my auto insurance pay for Paintless Dent Removal?
In most cases, YES! However, many times the PDR estimate will be less than your deductible. If your vehicle has substantial damage, notify your insurance agent and call Metro Collision Center for a free estimate. Metro Collision Center is a preferred provider of PDR for major insurance companies and can assist you through the claims process.
Some repairs can be made while you wait. When hail damage is involved, the repair will normally take one to two days. At Metro Collision Center, service is always quick and efficient.

Will Paintless Dent Removal harm the value of my vehicle?
No way! PDR actually protects the value of your vehicle. PDR removes dents, dings, creases, hail damage and minor body flaws so the vehicle's original appearance is restored. The factory finish is not affected and neither is the vehicle's value.


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