Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless dent removal, or PDR, is not just a method for restoring your auto body to its factory condition. It is a work of art!

What is PDR?

PDR is the auto repair industry’s leading solution for cosmetic damage from hail, rocks, door dings, shopping cart collisions, and a host of other problems. PDR is the ideal fix for dents smaller than three inches in diameter and which have not occurred on the body line or cracked the existing paint.

How is PDR performed?

Contrary to popular belief, PDR is not performed with the aid of heat, dry ice, or suction cups. Our experts implement a set of specialized rods, picks, tabs, and adhesive to seamlessly restore the dented area to its original state while preserving its factory finish. All PDR provided by Metro Collision Center is backed by a limited lifetime warranty, as well as a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee!

Will insurance cover the cost of PDR?

In most cases, yes — or at the very least part of it. As a preferred PDR provider, Metro Collision Center regularly helps our customers navigate the claim processes with their insurance companies so that they can enjoy our fast, economical, and proven approach to restoring vehicles to their original luster.

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